About NSG

© Nettie Scott Girls is a line of clothing designed by Nettie Scott for the © N-rapture brand. It fuses original artworks with fashion wear. The line defies conventional boundaries, dip-dabbling its toe in the world of professional poker.

The Designer

© Nettie Scott Girls is a modest diffusion line stemming from the © N-rapture brand. The first line I created was © Nettie Scott Boys. After that I came up with the idea of limited edition t-shirts inspired by my model friends. These are influenced by my time working as a designer for Levi Strauss. In fact, I first learned fashion design and grew my awareness of the industry whilst an undergraduate at the London College of Fashion. Out of all this came © Nettie Scott Girls.

 :: Building Bridges

A line of clothing only captures the imagination if there is an interesting concept behind it. Clothes can be made to look great but ©NSG is a line that aims at fusion. That aims higher. That shoots for creativity in fashion and redefines the concept of chic.

Concepts change when bridges are built. Bridges between unlikely partners. The world of poker has changed. It has been transformed from the dilettantism of 007, portrayed in films such as “Dr. No”, a world of fashion and sophistication. Now an organized sport, the focus is on the mathematics and the technical aspect of the game.The rapid growth of online poker has increased the effect. And so the game has lost its Monaco glamor.

By a sureness of creative instinct, ©NSG seeks to build a bridge back between the world of fashion and the 007 world of poker.

 :: Going Places

The ©NSG line is in a state of flux. A photoshoot has been organized on the premises of a well-known casino chain in London. This will help to define us and to spread the message and the concept. Clever ideas and big ideas share this in common: they are only as big as the circle of people with which they are shared. We aim to keep sharing the message, listening to the echo and making adjustments.

 :: Into The Future

What does it hold? We cannot be sure but that is part of the excitement. The ice-ball is gaining momentum, as a line of clothing ©NSG is snowballing, drawing in new talent and energy. It is an evolving project that people want to sign up to and make their contribution.

Things are changing inside the ©NSG space. Evolution is taking place within. We have some remarkable events planned including exciting collaborations within the world of casinos in London.

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 :: Who We Are

More than just a diffusion line, ©NSG is a team working towards a shared goal. This includes close friends who are models, who understand Nettie Scott and the goals she wants to achieve and who are genuinely excited about the clothing. These friends include international models, Upcoming Super Charli Fletcher and Wimbledon-based Top Model Martha Dolak. I Nettie Scott creates art designs for the tees derived from iconic images of supermodels. The images are by photographers of the moment in the fashion world, including the Frenchman René Connage-Durant. The line also encompasses handmade denims for girls. These are unique and boldly experimental. Party-wear for a supermodel in the making.

Nettie has also enlisted the services of an award-winning fashion videographer, Dan Harley, to help market the line and to add his own signature to it. The team also includes a committed web designer and a graphic designer enthused by the potential and who share her vision.

©NSG also demarcates the boundary, the creative crucible, within which a set of high-end t-shirts are formed to be sold at auction.

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